Aikido Barreiro belongs to the Portuguese Union of Aikido (UPA), an association that since 2009, the time at which it was founded, has as a mission to develop and nourish the pratice of this japanese martial art, through the work and vision of Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan, direct student of O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.

Since the death of Tamura Shihan, UPA continues to follow these teachings through Sensei Nebi Vural, Tecnical Director and international representant of UPA and founder of Eurasia Aikido Organization.

Teacher Helder D'Almeida is one of the founding members of the Portuguese Union of Aikido, having starting his practice of this art more than 20 years ago.

Currently he has a rank of 5th Dan Eurasia, gained at the International Festival of Aikido in Ankara, Turkey, by Sensei Nebi Vural.

He is a fully certified teaching agent, by the Portuguese Aikido Federation, having the title of Professional Trainer of Sports - Aikido 2nd Degree, with the number 3900, dispatched by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ), and he keeps up his training in Aikido training courses, both national and international. He is also part of the Tecnical Comitte of the Portuguese Union of Aikido.

Teacher Helder D'Almeida teaches mixed classes to children and adults, multiple times a week in any of the dojos described in our Contacts section, keeping and stimulating a close relationship with his students, which also increases felloship and friendship and the will to train and improve with each practice.

He is also one of 6th Dan Professor Joaquim Caleiro's oldest students, keeping up with his project: Aikido Barreiro.